How To Harness Your Power To Your Passion

I think I have seen it once or twice on reality TV… the participants are given clues and the first one to discover the hidden treasure takes it all. Usually it’s something very valuable; money perhaps.

Let me ask you  his… if you were given a treasure map, showing the site of a hidden treasure, and you knew that this treasure was worth a million dollars – no TV, no pictures, all very safe and private – would you follow the map?

Sure you would. I would too.

Everybody wants a hidden treasure. Why? Because it means instant wealth! I once played the lottery… same thing.

You get mesmerized by the thought of the discovery – of the sight of all that wealth, and what you would do with it.

And yet, you’re sitting on one of the greatest possible treasures that can come your way – and all you need to do is to draw a map to it. You already know where the treasure lies – it’s deep within you.

Most of us already have a treasure buried deep within us… we just haven’t figured out where it is yet. Or we know, but haven’t taken that first step.

Your “buried treasure” is that part of you that could radically make your life better – if you’d only take the time to find it.

In order to find your hidden treasure though, the thing or things you are really good at, you need to do a little bit of work.

Here’s how:

Find a piece of paper. Don’t spend a lot of time finding it – we don’t want you to get distracted.  If you don’t have a piece of paper handy, use a newspaper, a napkin, an envelope …anything. We’re going to make a list. At the top of your list, write this title: THINGS I CAN DO WELL AND EASILY

After you’ve put down the title, take no less than ten minutes, thinking about what you can do. The quantity doesn’t really matter, but the more the better. As you’re writing, try combining individual elements. For example, if your list includes items like WRITE and DRIVE CARS, then a natural combination could be WRITE ABOUT DRIVING CARS.

Let’s assume you have the following qualities on your list: speak in front of groups, teach others, be enthusiastic, manage effectively – it would follow that you would also be a great corporate trainer or lecturer on management techniques.

When you’re making your list, initially concentrate on the individual elements. Include anything you are good at even if it seems insignificant. On my list, if you remember, I said I’m a voracious reader – with the memory of an elephant, and darn patient too… I could read for hours and hours every day, if I didn’t have to go out and make a living…

What could I do with it that could keep me well-heeled like Edison? In other words, how do I monetize this “passion?”

Well, I’m monetizing it right this minute. Can’t say I’m well-heeled as I write this, but this is what I have done with Achieverz Club… I read all these self-help and personal development books, and then I condense all the wisdom for you in a single article such as this one, or a Kindle edition.

Like Dan Kennedy said, I make you laugh and I take your money.

It saves you tons of time and maybe money… plus, you guys get to feed my family!

Nobody has complained yet… And I could be doing this for years to come… actually I just got started!

Another example: I’m passionate about politics and how I’m governed – and very argumentative about it. So, a political blogger perhaps is a great combination.

Thanks, but no; maybe when I’m 75… Syndicated Political Columnist has a nicer ring to it, don’t you think?

Well, you get the idea…

To continue… after you’ve finished listing most of your individual elements, try combinations, as shown.

Remember… take at least five minutes. Start now. We’ll wait… start the counter, Jonny!

Tic, tac, tic……………………………………………………………………………………………

We are back…

If you haven’t done the exercise, now’s the time to do it, because you are not deceiving anyone but yourself if you didn’t!

Putting it off until later this evening is fine – but come back to this section after you’ve done it.

Include things you’ve overlooked in your life. That includes talents that have been moved to the back burner, financial opportunities that you’ve overlooked (like 401K funds, stock investing, savings plans, IRAs) or business ventures that you should have taken earlier (businesses that you always told yourself that you could do, if only you had more time).

Through this silly little exercise, most people will find a number of fascinating possibilities about themselves. They may find they have a hidden talent, or they might find a new path to follow for business. This simple little exercise can help you see businesses that can be started, and goals that can be set.

Exercise two (how others see us)

This next step is a bit more difficult for most people – but then you’re not most people. You are a creative genius, remember? A high achiever to boot!

Give this same little exercise to one or more of your friends and co-workers, but have them use you as the object of the exercise. It may help if you explain to them what you’re doing, and have them complete the exercise for themselves to begin with.

Ask your friend or co-worker to list your abilities, as he/she sees them. Ask them to take at least five minutes, if possible. After they’re done writing, ask them to mark what they consider to be your top five attributes, and number them in order.

If they choose to do the exercise for themselves, you’ll likely wind up doing this for them, as well. Be generous, but above all, be accurate.

Most people who do this exercise find that their friends see them somewhat differently than they see themselves – at least to the extent of ranking their best qualities. Trying this same exercise with multiple friends may show you even more insights.

When you’re done, compare your list with theirs. They will likely find some additional areas where you excel. They may be discounting some areas where you feel you are strong. At any rate, at the end of this exercise, you will be left with a better understanding of where your treasure really lies.

If you are married, you should get your partner to help you find your hidden talents, strengths, and abilities – or your passion. Their answers could surprise you. Your spouse or partner probably knows you better than your mom and everybody, combined.

The next exercise is really about acquiring the treasure.

Exercise three: making a map to the treasure

At its very best a map is merely a description of moves necessary to get to a destination. Once you have determined where your “hidden treasure” lies, you need to outline the goals and steps necessary to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Like a person planning a trip, break your path down into segments – “bite-sized” chunks that you can do a little bit at a time. Set a completion goal, and a “treasure acquisition date” that you want to be your “D-Day.” Decide to gain whatever training or learning you may need to become the best at your chosen goal – and then take the first step. Start on your quest – and uncover your hidden gem.

Take your time and try to discover your hidden gems. Don’t forget, ne of the timeless secrets to a long, happy life is to love your work. It has been said that for each of us, there’s one thing that will lead us to being a success. And yet, for most of us, we often do everything but that one thing. Very sobering…

Need extra help to find your passion? Before I give you my reading recommendations let me use this opportunity to clear the air. Me, I’m not the expert… I’m just your friend in overalls….I scoop and serve!

Like Thomas Edison said (I love that guy!):

“I have friends in overalls whose friendship I would not swap for the favor of the kings of the world.” ~ Thomas A. Edison

With that out of the way, here are my further reading recommendations:
The Fred Factor: How Passion in Your Work and Life Can Turn the Ordinary into the Extraordinary

Adapted from an article by Daryl Gibson originally written for

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