How to Grow Your Wealth & Well-being With Abundance Affirmations (2)

Here are some example abundance affirmations you can model to start re-inventing yourself and creating your own life.

A few examples of sentences:

“I am ready for abundance.”

“Every day I repeat my Abundance Affirmations!”

“I am a rich person”

“I love the energy of money.”

“Money enhances my positive power.”

“I love life.”

“I am a loving person.”

“I am successful and I love it.”

“My life is a success-story.”

“I am a beautiful, loveable human being.”

“I am successful in everything I do.”

“I am willing and daring to go all the way.”

“I will reach my goals, joyfully and easily.”

“I am always reaching my goals in one way or another.”

“I am joyfully receiving wealth and abundance in my life.”

“I am moving towards money.”

“I am creating money in my life.”

“It is great to have money!”

“I love myself.”

“I love all beings on this planet.”

“I am so happy to be alive.”

“I am creating riches to share with the whole world, because it is my joy to share.”

“Every day and in every way I am getting better and better.”

If you need help with how to use personal affirmation and the guidelines for creating affirmations that work, read this article.

This article is adapted from an article originally written by Oyvind Hennum

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